The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, processing, dealing , exporting, importing of various types of printing, stationery and packaging items, products, goods things, matters accessiories materials, and whether the same are made, derived, processed, prepared or otherwise from any papers, card boards, sheets, rolls reams or others and/ or from plastic, aluminium, strips, acrelics fibres, PVC or other such and similar or supplementary or substitutes, for any use /uses in India or abroad and import and export business in the cialis said products, goods, items along with related, incidental connected services, jobs consultancy, technologies, managements, agents activities thereof  or otherwise.


To do business finance leasing hire purchase factors, securitization, financial and various other negotiable instrument on any field of capital market, money and finance market, investment market, property and development market  and other in any industrial, governmental and enterprise and consumer fields and in any other fields by any other method.